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Sqwincher - Hydration is Knowledge

Posted by Dennis Dougherty on 29th Jun 2016

Every second you're on the job, you're losing the important fluids and nutrients that keep your body operating at full capacity. Hydration is your body's ability to manage this loss and return to its … read more

Dehydration: Risks and Myths

Posted by JANE E. BRODY on 9th May 2016

Truth to tell, sometimes I don’t follow my own advice, and when I suffer the consequences, I rediscover why I offer it. I’ve long recommended drinking plenty of water, perhaps a glass with every me … read more

Foods Loaded With Sugar, Salt and Fat? Bring It

Posted by STEPHANIE STROM on 25th Apr 2016

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Dark chocolate is in. So, too, is beef jerky. And full-fat ice cream? You bet.Driven by fast-changing definitions of what is healthy to eat, people are turning to foods they shun … read more

You’ve Been Washing Your Hands Wrong

Posted by JONAH BROMWICH on 22nd Apr 2016

You’ve probably been cleaning your hands all wrong. They must be filthy. Scientists have found that a common technique for applying hand sanitizer, one that is even recommended by the Centers … read more

An Easy Way to Prevent Blisters? Try Tape

Posted by GRETCHEN REYNOLDS on 18th Apr 2016

Exercise science today is exploring countless mysterious, exciting and poetic aspects of human physiology and performance. But sometimes you just wish that someone would tell you how to keep your f … read more