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Sqwincher - Hydration is Knowledge

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Every second you're on the job, you're losing the important fluids and nutrients that keep your body operating at full capacity. Hydration is your body's ability to manage this loss and return to its prime working condition. But this is what you really need to remember. When you're hydrated, the fluid level in your body is exactly where it should be, in balance. When you're dehydrated, your fluid level is off, out of balance. Hydrating in hot and cold conditions is critical to maintaining balance for performing well at work.

FACT:  Dehydration results in over 500,000 hospitalizations yearly.


Heat stress, heat illness, fatigue and exhaustion are realities that take a toll on the body and the workplace. And it’s important to know that they’re caused by not being properly hydrated. Dehydration results in poor judgment, mental errors, slower reflexes, taking shortcuts and, in some instances, injury or death. To be safe and effective on the job, make hydration a number one priority. 


Preparation is key to equip the body for a long day on the job. Before starting a shift, be sure to ask yourself these important questions: 

1. What kind of shift did you have the day before? 

2. How many diuretics or dehydrants (sodas, coffees, alcoholic beverages) did you have before today’s shift? 

3. How much water intake over the last 12 hours? 

4. What was your urine color before you started work? 

5. How much rest did you get the evening before? 

These questions will give you an estimated assessment of your starting hydration level. 


You’re the only one who knows your body and what condition it’s in. And being properly hydrated is a big part of being properly conditioned for the job. Be sure to take these considerations into account as potential hydration obstacles: 

1. Your medical history and how it relates to your work environment 

2. Your age and weight 

3. Your experience level to the activity, workload and surroundings 

4. Your ability to adapt well and acclimate to your surroundings After assessing your condition, make sure you adjust your hydration level to deal with any potential obstacles head on.

Source is Sqwincher

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